Sensing beyond itself: Multi-functional use of ubiquitous signals towards wearable applications


Wearable technologies provide a non-invasive way to monitor user’s activity, identity, and health in real-time, which have attracted tremendous interests from both academia and industry. Due to constraints in form factor and power consumption, the sensing capabilities and functionalities of the wearables are usually limited by the available sensors. In the past decade, researchers have committed to realizing the sensing capability of multiple sensors via the signal from one sensor, which expanded the functionalities and sensing domains of traditional sensors. For the first time, we defined such sensing approach as “cross-sensing” and provided a comprehensive review on the cross-sensing towards wearable applications (i.e., human-machine interface, health services, and security). Specifically, this paper summarized the applied signal processing and machine learning algorithms, and discussed how cross-sensing would affect the development and innovation trends of wearable electronics.

Digital Signal Processing
Zihan Wang
Zihan Wang

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