All-in-One Sensing System for Online Vibration Monitoring via IR Wireless Communication as Driven by High-Power TENG


Abnormal vibration is a direct response to the mechanical defects of electrical equipment, and requires reliable vibration sensing for health condition evaluation in the associated system. The triboelectric nanogen- erator (TENG) triggered by random vibration to generate electrical energy/ signal while giving feedback on the vibration state, paving a promising way towards self-powered sensors. Here, an all-in-one sensing system config- ured with a vibration sensor demonstrates instantaneous discharge boosted TENG and IR wireless communication for vibration state online monitoring. The sandwich-structured TENG combined with mechanical switches can release the co-accumulated charges from dual triboelectric layers to yield giant instantaneous output power of 616 W, which is 106 times higher than that of the continuous discharge. Moreover, an IR LED as a transmitter driven by the TENG can form an all-in-one vibration sensor enabling wireless communication, where the sensor can be further integrated with repeaters and phones to establish a wireless vibration online monitoring system for vibration state visualization. This work presents a novel idea to implement high-power TENG with IR communication integration for in situ vibration online monitoring. Such a strategy is potentially available for distributed sensor construction towards abnormal signal monitoring that reflects the operating state of equipment.

Advanced Energy Materials
Zihan Wang
Zihan Wang

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